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Heard in Nick's The Thundermans, Marvel's Deadpool Game & Disney's Dog With A Blog!

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OK It's out. "The Onion Movie" has finally seen the light of day via DVD and pay per view. This much anticipated movie from the minds that brought you the Onion web site sat in limbo for nearly 5 years after creative, company and distribution differences kept it on the shelves. We thought it would never see the light of day...then were blown away to see it on the rack at Target! A collection of comedy sketch pieces based around a television news network, the movie features some very funny bits. Mike plays an announcer for a celebrity roast video commercial. Beware: this sketch is one of the raunchiest and politically incorrect parts of the was a fun session!

When the late JT Walsh died unexpectedly after wrapping up filming on "The Negotiator" the call went out to find someone who could sound like the great character actor, because the dialogue replacement and looping had yet to be completed. Michael got the gig. He is heard extensively in the film. Especially if you happen to see it on the small screen. Quite a bit of dialogue was replaced so the film could be shown on network TV.

Mike has also performed in other movies including "The Bone Collector "(He's the voice of the operator that frustrates Denzel Washington's character while on the cel phone), a sports caster in The Open Road, and a concert vo in Metallica's "Through The Never" and a narrator in "Finding Noah".

Mike did a season of "Son Of The Beach" when the original announcer on the TV show (the legendary Dick Tufeld) had a medical condition that prevented him from working. This was cool for Mike as he's a big fan of Timothy Stack and Howard Stern ( executive producer).

Mike appeared as a boxing announcer on the television show "Monk".

As a newscast promo announcer on "Back to You".

A newscaster, weatherman and horseracing announcer on "The Young And The Restless".

An Airline pilot on "Malcolm & Eddie".

The Lottery Announcer on "Roseanne".

An announcer in "Always Sunny In Philadelphia".

The voice of Thunder Van in "The Thundermans".

As a computer in "Dog With A Blog".

As the host of "Wii Pictionary".

And if you're into Nintendo games, Mike was the baseball announcer in the highly successful Ken Griffey Jr. Slugfest series.


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Mike is available from studios in Southern California, and from his Source Connect/ISDN studio with phone patch. Sessions can be directed from your edit bay, office phone, or cell while stuck in traffic. Files are delivered via ftp.

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