Voice-over studio pictures
For voice-over geeks. Sooooooo exciting...

A collection of booth shots...when I remember to take 'em.

Media CityFormosa Interactive

Media City - Burbank ---- Formosa Interactive - Burbank ---- Thunder Sound - Los Angeles

Steel Grass StudiosThunder SoundStewart Sound

Steel Grass Studios - Kauai HI ----- The old Thunder Sound - Santa Monica CA ----- Stewart Sound - Santa Ana CA

Titmouse StudioTrack DesignLA Studios

Titmouse Animation Studios - Los Angeles ----- Track Design - Studio City ----- LA Studios - Studio City

Point 360 WestVoicecasterBell Sound

Point 360 West - Santa Monica -----The Demo reel wall at The Voicecaster - Burbank -----Bell Sound - Los Angeles

LimeMaragrita MixPatches

Lime Studios - Santa Monica -----Margarita Mix - Santa Monica -----Patches - Hollywood

Bicep ProductionsMarriott SuiteSSI Post

Bicep - Culver City ----- Marriott Hotel Room - Mobile Studio ----- SSI Post - Los Angeles

Don PardoSAG Awards

Don Pardo Tribute - Sonora Desert Museum - AZ ----- SAG AwardsBooth - Shrine Auditorium - Los Angeles


More Photos

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