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From television documentaries to major corporate projects, Michael is a versatile narrator. In addition to shows that have aired on The Discovery Channel, E! Entertainment Television, The Travel Channel and The Food Network, Michael is especially good with long and difficult technical reads. He frequently works on scientific, medical and educational projects for clients like Toyota, Ford Motor Company, Proctor & Gamble, and The US Army.




The Narration demo features television work.

The Corporate/Industrial demo includes examples of work done for major corporations and the Military.

The e-learning demo is from a variety of projects, much of which is internet based educational material.

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Mike's available from his own ISDN equipped studio, which is also equipped with a phone patch.

Sessions can be directed from your edit bay, office phone, or cell while stuck in traffic.

Files are delivered via e-mail and a dedicated ftp site.








Representation: VOX USA


Contact: WesStevens/TomLawless/Jeff Jones