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Bud Light

Bud Light Fan Zone


Toyota Tundra "Endeavour"

Dust 514 Trailer

Dust 514 Trailer


Applebees "Lunch Decoy"


The Preakness

Royal Farms

Royal Farms

Gridiron Greats

Gridiron Greats



Cow Judge

Malcolm In The Middle

McDonalds voiceover

McDonalds Radio


Smart & Final

Radio TV and In Store for Smart & Final




Old Spice Voice-over battle on ESPN!

Narration for Lucky Dog on CBS

2015 Emmy Award winner!

Lucky Dog

Jimmy Kimmel Live!

AFLAC Commercial

Jimmy Kimmel

Michael Berger

Voice-over actor Michael Berger is heard on television, radio, in movies, on the internet and in corporate communications. Michael also appears on camera. He works out of studios in Los Angeles as well as his own ISDN studio equipped with phone patch, Pro-Tools recording, and FTP delivery, delivering professional audio to clients around the globe.

Representation: VOX USA


Contact: Wes - Tom (323)655-8699

Contact Mike via e-mail

Mountain Monsters

Mountain Monsters

Through The Never

Heard In Metallica's movie "Through The Never"

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SAG Awards

Screen Actors Guild Awards Announcer



Best Of UFC


Keep It Low

Fruit Of The Loom (This Guy)

Infinity Ring

Infinity Ring Trailer

Battlefield 3

Battlefield 3

Proven Tough


Sponge Bob

Sponge Bob DVD

UFC 2010

UFC Undisputed

image 1

Citibank - Identity Theft